Frequently Asked Question

What kind of debt / credit could be collected ?

We could collect all obligations of a debtor which could be value by a sum of money. The detail of debt / credit type could be found in Service & Fees.

How to engage using credit collection service ?

There are 3 simple steps to engage with our service. First contact us, second attend our consultation session and the last review and sign the offer. We elaborate this step in The Procedure.

Is it save to use the credit collection service ?

Not all credit collection service is save. We have heard many time that a creditor become in a legal dispute because of unprofessional debt collector action. Therefore it is better to appoint a legitimate professional lawyers who deeply understand the prevailing laws and regulations to hinder any negative impact on collection.

What is the opportunity a debt / credit could be successfully collected ?

The opportunity a debt / credit successfully collected is very depend on many condition and situation. In brief we believe there is 3 factors a debt / credit has a higher opportunity to be collected, which are first correct rule of the game, second perfect collection timing and the last is effective collection action. In our past experience, our successfully rate to collect a debt / credit is until 85%.

What is the best time to assign collection lawyer ?

We believe that timing is one of the most importance factor in collection. The longer you wait to start, the less chance you have to collect and the higher price you have to pay. Our experiences found that the best time to use collection lawyer is less than 2 months since the debt is mature.

How much fee should be paid for a credit collection service ?

As in line with our vision to help companies to maintain the cash flow and the growing of the business by eliminating the bad debt / credit, we provide a VERY FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE fee arrangement to meet the budget and the need of the company. There are 3 kind of fee arrangement which are Retainer Basis, Project Basis and Fully Success Fee Basis. You could explore our fee in The Service & Fee.

How long the collection service will be conducted ?

The period to collect a debt / credit is very depend on several condition and situation including the debtor’s intention, distance and complexity of the case. In general the period to collect a debt / credit is 1 month until 3 months.

How to ask unclear other matters ?

Please contact us through this website, email or our phone number. Our team will response your inquiry as fast as we could.

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